Login and password

You can sign in to the app through login.hqrevenue.com. Simply provide your email address and password and click Log in. You should then see the Account Selection screen.

Forgot your password? Fear not! Go to this site to reset it. Provide your email address and we will then send you all the necessary instructions.

How do I get a user account?

To get a user account you need to be invited by the account admin. If you are an admin follow these steps to add a new user.

User profile settings

Once you have registered the system sets up a user profile for you which you can easily edit. On the top right you will see your name. Click on it and a window with your settings will open. Save your changes by submitting with the button on the bottom Save Changes.

Editing your name

Click on your first or last name to edit them.

Changing password

Click on Change your Password in the Email and Password box and follow the instructions.

Choosing the language & date format

Choose between English and German in the Choose Language box to change your language settings.
The date format can also be adjusted in this area.

Changing the display options

Here you can choose whether to display icons or abbreviations across the app.

You can save your changes by clicking on Save Changes at the bottom of the page; if you are unhappy with the changes click on Discard Changes so that they won’t be saved.

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