How do I get there?

Select Smart View from the side menu to be redirected to today's Smart View.

When hovering on Smart View you also open a sub-menu. From here you can access the Smart Views for the following 11 months, create a new Smart View or manage your existing ones.

What are the different features of the Smart View?

The Feeds

Selecting the View:
On top right of the Smart View you have an option to choose between Show all feeds and Show only favorites. Select ★ to see only your saved items; select the ✓ symbol to show all the current feeds. 

Weather forecasts, Events, holidays and vacations, and saved Smart Views are displayed on top of the page; click here to find out how to make the most of these feeds.

The Smart View graph

One of the most loved features of HQ revenue, the Smart View graph displays yours and your competitors' rates in a clear and intuitive way. Follow this link to uncover all of the graph's mysteries. Follow this link to uncover all of the graph's mysteries.


You can use the arrows to change the date range by week, month or year. You can also go backwards to see past data! A click on the middle circle brings you back to today. 

Smart View Datepicker
Click on the date or little arrow to open the dropdown that let you choose a date range. When you choose the end date we immediately pull the data for the dates selected and adjust the view. That features works in all presentation modes (graph, table, and calendar).


Click on the funnel in the top right corner to start using the filter and tailor the graph to your needs by selecting only the information relevant to you. Find out here how to use it.

City Demand and occupancy rate

At the bottom of the Smart View you'll see a row of bar graphs; these display the city demand and the occupancy rate for your hotel. The data is synchronized with your PMS and allows you to make an accurate comparison between the two data sets. Discover how to use and navigate the City Demand and Occupancy graph.

The export button

You can export and save a Smart View as an Excel file by clicking on the arrow on top of the page > OK.

I’m not really a fan of graphs, can I see the data in another way?

If charts and graphs don't do it for you, worry not! You can decide to view your information in a table or calender layout. To do so simply click on the icon on top of the page.

Overwhelmed by the result? Here we break down every aspect of the table view to make navigation easy-peasy or the calender view.

Whenever you wish to go back to the graph view click on the graph symbol on top of the page.

Any Issues? Contact our support team!

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