What is it for?

If you'd like to have a detailed view over your competitors' pricing strategies and your own positioning in the market then this module is for you, my friend. The graph offers a clear picture of the price development of your competitors’ prices for a single day over last 30 days, while the Price Rating Matrix and City Demand allow you to monitor your rating positioning and occupancy.

Take me there!

To access the Price Development go to Smart View and double click on any day of interest on the graph to open the Price Development module for that day. You can also access it by clicking on the three dots you see when hovering over the graph.

To access it from the table view double click on any row to see the graph for that day. Alternatively hover over the date and click on the three dots that will appear on the left of the table. 

Navigating the Price Development graph 

Tips and tricks

  • The current day is always displayed last in the graph
  • See more specific data for an individual day by hovering over or clicking on said day on the graph. At the bottom of the page you will see price details, Occupancy and City demand, and the Price Rating Matrix for that day.
  • When clicking on the graph you will see a black lock appearing at the bottom; this means the view is locked, so when you move the cursor along the graph you will only see data for that day. To move the locked view to another day, simply click onto another point in the graph. To unlock the view click again on the same day you have locked on the graph.

City Demand and Occupancy

The City Demand and Occupancy graph on the bottom-right displays the occupancy for your hotel in that given date, compared with the overall demand in your city. Your own occupancy will only be visible if we have access to your PMS data. You haven't provided us with your PMS details yet? Contact us and we'll get in contact with your PMS provider.

The Price Rating Matrix

This graph shows a snapshot of your positioning in terms of price and rating compared with the one of your Comp Set. This is a precious tool to understand where you stand amongst your competitors and which price adjustments may be necessary.  


To exit the Price Development module and go back to the Smart View simply click on the X on the top right corner.

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