The Smart View graph gives you a clear snapshot of your competitors' rates compared with your own; the way rate evolution is intuitively presented allows you to make an accurate analysis and comparison of your competitor's yielding strategies.


Every hotel is color coded throughout the entire app; color assignment is explained at the bottom of the page right next to the corresponding hotel name. Want to change your competitors’ colors and settings? Find out here how to do it.

Hotel Selection

If you are working with the Smart View, you can click + Strg (Mac: cmd) on any hotel at the bottom of the screen to see the graph for just this hotel. In this way, you can perform faster and track each competitor's rate development with greater clarity.

The Simple View

With just a click you can have a clear view of where your hotel stands compared to the median value or average price of your competitors.

The price tunnel of your Comp Set is presented through a clear, orange graph together with the line graphs of your rates and the median value or average price. This way, you can see at a glance if you are above or below the median value. You can also quickly influence the price tunnel and the median value to adjust them to your analysis by selecting/deselecting the hotels included.

To switch between Simple and Advanced View use the tabs with the graph symbols on the right-hand side of the Smart View.

To switch between median and average price click on the respective word in the legend. The comparison value also changes in the day popover.

Using the filter

Pin it!

By clicking on the funnel on the top-right corner of the page you'll be able to open the filter settings for the Smart View graph. Once you have opened the menu you can decide to pin it to the smart view for your own convenience.

To unpin it, click on the unpin symbol on the top-right corner of the menu.

Choosing the filter

Choose the filter you want to apply from the first drop-down list. This will display your Master Filter and the the additional filter sets that you have previously created.
Click on a specific Filterset to apply the settings to the Smart View graph. You haven't created your filters yet? Learn here how to do it.
You can change the filter settings any time by changing the various paramters: Channel, Competitor Set, LOS, Room category, Room occupancy, the type of Rate and meal plan. The changes are automatically applied as soon as you change something in the filter. Please note that this will not be saved amongst your filters but only applied to your current Smart View graph.

The Advanced Meal Planner Filter
You can also compare your competitor rates including or excluding their different meal plans. To enable the feature set your own meal plan rates under Settings > My Hotel and your competitors’ ones under Settings > Competitor settings. If they are available online they get automatically uploaded but they can also be overwritten manually anytime. To apply it simply switch the toggle Advanced next to Meal Plan in the filter.

Refreshing Data

To refresh data in the whole graph click on the refresh arrow on top of the page next to Last Update.  Please note that this might take a few moments to update as the app digs deep and far for the freshest, fittest data; thou shalt not regret the few seconds' wait.

To refresh data for a single day, hover over the date under the graph and click on the refresh icon.

Daily rate comparability

Click on any point in the graph to open an in-depth overview of room rates for that specific day. A pop up will open showing you all the rates for the selected room types, the channels where the rates are available, the room type name and the price rating. 

Useful info:

  • Room rates are ranked from highest to lowest 
  • Any dynamic LOS will appear between the rate and the hotel name
  • The room types are listed in the 4th column; if you can't read the full name, just hover over it with your mouse
  • Same principle applies to the channel name; although you might recognize these through their color and abbreviation (last column), hover over them if unsure
  • Feel like freshening up your data? Hit the refresh button next to the selected date on top of the box to update it. Time and date of your last update are always visible next to it.

Price Development

By double clicking on any day on the graph you can access the price development for that day to gain more detailed information about your competitors' pricing strategies and your own positioning. Find out more about it here.

Any issues? Contact our support team, we are happy to help!

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