The Parity Check module offers you a unique overview of room prices across your various channels, thereby allowing an efficient comparison between them. Thanks to this module, you can perform a double-check for every room type and correct any potential anomaly. You can also keep an eye on your rates to see that OTAs don’t undersell your rooms without your knowledge. Haven’t set up your channels yet? Find out here how to do it.

Where can I find the Parity Check?

To access the Parity Check select Parity Check in the left menu.

How is data displayed in the Parity Check?

The Parity Check displays a price comparison of your rooms across different channels.

All your channels are listed in the table; below them you will see the current prices and the price difference to your reference channel. Prices are highlighted in different shades of orange to point out relevant price deviations: read below how to customize the deviation parameters using the thresholds.

Next to the highlighted prices, the difference is enumerated in green if the change is positive and red if it’s negative.

Rates that were last shopped before midnight in the Parity Check will be greyed out until updated.


With the help of thresholds you can decide what deviations should influence the comparison and therefore what prices should be highlighted. To give you an idea on how this works here’s a quick example:

You are selling your room for a smooth 100 € on your website, and for 105 € through an OTA. The important information for you now is to know whether the price on that OTA drops below 100 € or rises above 105 €. So, you’d set the thresholds to a minimum of 0 % and a maximum of 5 %. Everything in between won’t trigger a highlight. That comparison is made on every (yes, on every!) room type you have mapped before. The more prices exceed or deceed the thresholds the darker the color gets, thus the higher the irregularity is.

Find out here how to manage your thresholds!

LAR Level View

The first view in the parity check is the LAR level view. You can see the comparison of the LAR of all active channels as well as the META channels Tripadvisor and Trivago. A click on the room rate shows the META channel on which we found the price and the wholesaler who sells the room.

  • Choose in the filter between All days or Irregular days. By selecting Irregular days you will only see the marked rates with price deviations, as per the threshold settings mentioned above. These could indicate that the prices on the highlighted channels are either higher or lower than the ones in your reference channel
  • To refresh data for a specific day, hover over the row of interest and click on the refresh button next to the date. To refresh data across the whole table click on the refresh button on top of the page, next to Last Update.
  • See in-depth data for a specific channel by clicking on any row within a channel column. A pop-over will open, showing your room rates, the price difference with your reference channel and the room names for that channel. To refresh data in the pop-over, click on the refresh button next to the date in the top left corner.

Roomtype Level View

For more detailed information, you can switch to the Roomtype view using the flaps on the right.

  • Click on a date to view more in-depth data and see every room type and room rate across every channel for that specific day.
  • If you only want to compare certain room types, restrictions or occupancy, you can control this via the filter.

Can I customize the settings of the Parity Check?

By all means! You can customize the parity check to all your needs, read here to learn how to.

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