How do I get there?

When logging into HQ revenue, you will automatically be directed to the Dashboard. You can also access it from the side menu.

The widgets

My Hotel

This widget displays the total rating for your hotel. Ratings are calculated on a 10-point scale; click on your rating to check the score and the number of reviews for each channel with their original scale.


Check the weather widget for a rapid overview of the weather forecast for today and the next 4 days.


In the Feedback widget you can look at your competitors’ total rating. Click on any hotel name to see their review scores for each channel.

Quick Smart View

Use the Quick Smart View (QSV) widget to quickly create a Smart View for any date with a period of up to 30 days. Master filter, dynamic LOS (1, 2, 3) and the Master Comp Set will be applied as default. The QSV will be automatically saved and can be managed like any other Smart View.

Top 10

With the Top 10 widget you can see the days with the highest occupancy growth (green) and drop (red) relative to the margin of days. Simply use the toggle on the top right; data will be sorted from highest to lowest.

Upcoming and new events

These two widgets show the upcoming events you have subscribed to and the events that have been recently added to the database. Click on the graph symbol next to an event to save a Smart View that starts 4 days before it.
In the New Event widget, click on the check mark next to an event to unsubscribe from it and remove it from your feed, or favor it using the star icon.

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