This article introduces the KPI sections when you open Performance Board.

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  • Date - Weekday select
  • IBE - Internet Booking Engine
  • FC - Forecasting room nights
  • OTB - On The Books numbers
  • LY - Last year's revenue by comparison
  • Target - Revenue information
  • Market - Rate information


You can inspect the current year to date and today plus 365 days in advance.

Expand the view to see daily numbers per month or collapse it for a monthly overview.

Tip: Create custom date ranges and filter days strategically to segment your data.

Internet Booking Engine

This indicates direct demand and is available as an Add-on called "Website Demand". You can enable it by upgrading for free. Simply get in touch with our Support team from inside the app.


The forecast section shows the number of predicted extra room nights.

Adaptive machine learning algorithms calculate this potential by continuously analyzing your historical numbers and booking behavior. And the more they assess your data, the better the predictions become.

On The Books

The holy grail or the place that collects your relevant PMS data.

For the following screenshot we are comparing numbers from today vs. 4 days ago.

Pick-up is shown in green.

A screenshot of the On The Books column


  • Occupancy (%)
  • RN def (definite rooms)
  • RN tent (tentative rooms)
  • ADR (Average Daily Rate)
  • RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room)
  • Revenue (total)
  • Star (hover over yellow or blue symbols to see upcoming events and holidays)

Tip: Click the upside-down arrow to filter numbers from highest to lowest.

Number Rows

  • Row 1: total numbers for year-to-previous-month (61.28% occupancy avg.)
  • Row 2: total numbers for current month-to-date (57.09% occupancy avg.)
  • Row 3+4: total daily numbers for upcoming days (including pick-up)

For more on OTB numbers, see how you can work with historical data.

Last Year

See your revenue this year vs. last year, depending on the analysis you want to make.

Select the arrow symbol for a pop-up. Here, you can make a comparison between the "same date" or "same weekday" last year.

A screenshot of the Last Year column


In this column you see your revenue OTB this year vs. your revenue target. Check it per month and for individual days, and filter from highest to lowest using the arrow.

Screenshot of the revenue Target column

When you are ready, you can set your individual revenue targets.


This column can help you measure your performance vs. the competition.

An overview of the market data

The numbers displayed are in real-time and show:

  • the City Demand (in %)
  • your rate
  • your rate on the primary OTA channel
  • the median rate of your comp set
  • your price rank to the comp set

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