Open the Settings Menu

From the main screen, click on the rotary symbol to open Target Settings.

How to open Target Settings

Enter your Target Revenue

Write your monthly targets directly into a column - up to 2 years ahead.

Overview of Target Settings menu

For comparison, you can view revenue of the previous year and the current year.

The requirement is, of course, that you share this data with us.

You can enter individual target revenue as follows:

  • a percentage
  • a numbered total

In the following example for revenue targets 2022, it's as easy as adding in a percentage for specific months, such as 50% for April.

The rows next to it - change amount (+/-) and target total - are auto-calculated.

All adjustments are saved automatically.

Target setting for upcoming year

Tip: You can return to Target Settings at any time to make adjustments as often as needed. It also allows you to focus on specific months only, depending on your operational strategy.

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