This article will explore the market data in Performance Board.

  • Introduction
  • Market Column Overview
  • Rate Pop-Up


Data is loading

When you first open Performance Board, a circle shows that it is loading the data.

Shopping the rates in real-time - the current year and the next 365 days - may take a short time to complete.

Market data shopped in real-time

Market Column Overview

Let's say you are ready to put your OTB numbers in context with market data, but wonder how to interpret the numbers?

City Demand

Here a percentage is shown, which you can use as a guide when yielding room rates.

Tip: You can use this percentage as a barometer for spotting anomalous days.

Direct Rate

See your rate on for every day. Compare it with the rate on...


Your rate on the primary channel. Are you priced higher/lower than the direct rate?

Tip: You can change which channel to consider in Channel Management.

Comp Set

Check how you compare to the median rate of your competitor set.

Tip: You can adjust your comp set in Competitor Management.

R is for Price Rank

Know your price rank within the primary competitor set.

When it shows a 1, it means yours is currently the lowest available rate.

Rate Pop-Up

Click on a day's rate to explore the numbers in more detail.

In this example, for today compared to 4 days ago:

  • How close is your rate to the comp set median?
  • And to the rest of your competitors?
Rate Pop-up with more pricing details

The information displayed (from left to right):

  • room rate
  • pick-up (if you applied historical data via the time slider)
  • competitors
  • room type
  • channel

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