This article will share brief tips on working with dates in Performance Board.

Quick Select & Custom Date Ranges

Jump straight to upcoming quarters or more with Quick Select:

Several options for the Quick Select date picker

Choosing from a row of suggestions can be fast, but you can go even further.

When you have a specific time frame in mind, go with Custom Range:

Choosing the month and year for custom date ranges

Here you can toggle the month and upcoming year. When you are done, click apply. The dashboard will update instantly.

Filter Days Strategically

Focus on business days or the weekend, or go your own way and select any combination of days.

Weekday Select

Click the three-line symbol and place a check mark next to each day you want displayed. When you are done, click out of the pop-up. The dashboard updates instantly.

View of the weekdays in the Date column

Tip: Try adding Mondays to the three-day weekend and check for any booking developments, such as whether bookings drop off or how occupancy looks.

Worthy of note, Fri-Sun are marked with a light-blue background for easy spotting.


Reveal every day of every month, including historical weather information.

Tip: When looking at future dates, you can rely on a rolling 10-day weather forecast.

Weather forecasts are displayed for each day


Instantly get a monthly overview for a quick comparison. This helps to keep a continuous overview of your annual performance.

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