Your account features multi-user access. You can add as many users as you like and change their access levels. You can find this here: Settings > User Settings

Add a user

Adding a user by simply entering their email address on the left side and click Send invitation. The user will be added to the user list on the right hand side. By default Read only access is applied. Then, an email with a confirmation link will be sent to that email address. Once the user has finished the set up process by providing their name and phone number access will be granted to your account.

Change the access level

You can change the user type with the dropdown which is located right next to the corresponding name. Choose between Admin, User and Read only.


This user has full access to the account being able to add, edit and remove users, settings, channels, room types, filters, Smart Views, events and so on. You see, full access :)


The regular User has access to all available modules but the settings. The User is able to create, edit and delete Smart Views, Clusters, Thresholds and Events as well as to initiate a data update in all views.

Read only

A Read only user has very limited access to the available modules only being able to view the data. No data updates or creating, editing and deleting allowed.

Remove a user

Click on the bin icon right next to corresponding name and confirm the action.

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